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Ongoing Committees

CFLC Board of Directors

Set the vision for and manages the overall...

Events Committee calendar. Evaluates recruitment and retention activities to keep members and supporters engaged. Recommends new strategies and programs to encourage community involvement.  Seeks ways to expend financial support through fee-for-service activities. 

Finance Committee

... the financial strategy including reviewing service providers.

Fundraising Committee:

...fundraising strategy, and evaluates services provided to donors. Seeks ways to expand financial support for CFLC through individual, foundation and corporate giving.


Marketing & Communications Committee

Marketing & Communication strategy to promote CFLC's mission, vision, values, and important news around membership, publications, events, volunteering, and more.

Membership Committee

...membership strategy. Evaluates services provided to members.  Seeks ways to expand financial support for CFLC through membership.





Ramona Leber, President

Norvin Peer, Vice President

Teresa Forbes, Treasurer

Meghan Evans, Secretary

Jackie Evans

Britni Korpi

Cheryl Spencer

Holly Brawand

P.J. Peterson

Seasonal Committees

Beneficiary Selection Committee

Every other year this committee is responsible for developing a slate of 3-6 nonprofits to present to the full membership.


Audit Committee

At least every other year, this committee will oversee or conduct an audit of CFLC's finances and policies.

           2023 Cabaret

  Show Committees

Show Chairperson                    P.J. Peterson

Assistant to Chair                     Cheryl Spencer

Costume Chairmen                  Beth Gilhuly

                                                     Sharon Cole 

Sponsorships/Program             Michelle Carr

Program Production                 SandraPutaansuu

Media/Publicity                        Vivien Basom

Kick-off Party                            Robin Swecker


Cast Party                                  Carleen Olsen


Rehearsal Pianist                      Dorothy McMillan

Band Leader                              Peter  Rybar

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